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  • Grandparents Visitation Cases May Require Case Management And Discovery

    Grandparents Visitation Rights Monmouth County In Anthony C. Major v. Julie Maguire, decided by the New Jersey Supreme Court on January 12, 2016, the issue addressed by the Court was the procedure for case management and for determining whether a grandparent, seeking an order compelling visitation u. . .

    17th February,2016

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  • Collaboratively Trained Team

    The Value Of The Collaboratively Trained Team Monmouth County Family law attorney Anna–Maria Pittella and Dr. William Frankenstein, Ph.D., an independent, licensed psychologist, discuss the value of the collaboratively trained team within the collaborative divorce process. IN THIS EPISODE , YOU’. . .

    11th January,2016

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  • Why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner May Have Chosen Divorce Mediation

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Divorce Mediation Monmouth County Divorce attorneys Robert E. Goldstein, Esq. and C. Catherine Jannarone, Esq. discuss divorce mediation and why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may have chosen to mediate. View Original Article. . .

    11th January,2016

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  • Suspicions of Child Abuse

    Dealing with Suspicions of Child Abuse by the Other Parent Divorcing parents often struggle emotionally with the reality of having less time with their children; this adjustment is particularly difficult when one parent believes that the other parent is abusing the children. Divorce is a time for ma. . .

    14th January,2016

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