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Tax Law

Are you worried about unfiled tax returns, an IRS audit, a tax lien or garnishment? Not prepared to take on the IRS on your own? Let the experienced team at Drescher & Cheslow Law provide a personalized resolution of your tax problems backed by decades of experience in tax law and related litigation. With conveniently located offices in New York and New Jersey, we represent clients both nationally and internationally with a wide variety of US tax concerns:

  • IRS tax audits and disputes
  • State tax and residency issues
  • Collection Proceedings (e.g., wage garnishments, bank levies, liens)
  • Tax law concerns unique to US citizens abroad or foreign nationals within the US
  • Rental real estate income and loss
  • Filing of current and past due tax returns
  • Tax law settlements such as offers in compromise and installment agreements

The IRS routinely imposes tax penalties for failure to file tax returns or for failure to pay taxes. The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty is imposed on owners of small businesses who fail to remit payroll taxes to the government.

If you have recently received a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, a Notice of Intent to Levy or you expect a tax audit, contact Drescher & Cheslow immediately. If you don’t take prompt action to resolve the issues, the IRS may proceed to place a tax lien on your personal property or business assets. Once the tax lien is filed, it becomes part of your credit history. All major credit reporting firms will update their records to reflect your status with the IRS. Your credit score will be damaged which in turn will make purchasing a car, signing a lease, applying for credit and even getting a new job much more difficult.

The extreme complexity of the tax code means that most individuals and business owners who know they owe taxes do not know how to defend their rights and minimize or even eliminate their tax debts or back taxes.

When dealing with the IRS or with state taxing agencies, time and expertise are of the essence. Early intervention by an experienced tax attorney can mean favorable resolution of a dispute which if ignored even for a few weeks could have potentially disastrous consequences. At Drescher Cheslow, our mission is to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation at affordable rates.

We can assist you to lower or eliminate your tax liability through effective representation and by utilizing IRS programs such as Offer in Compromise. We negotiate with the IRS or state taxing authorities on your behalf to release any tax liens, tax levies or property seizures. If we determine that an installment plan is your best option to pay your back taxes, our office will help prepare the installment plan most suitable for your financial circumstances.


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