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Family Law Office in Somerset County, NJ

Family Law Attorneys with 40 Years of Experience Serving Somerset County

At Drescher & Cheslow we understand that divorce is a difficult time for all parties involved. Going through the legal process can be time consuming and stressful especially when children are involved. Having an experienced divorce attorney representing you is critical in times like these. Our experienced attorney’s will fight for your rights if a custody agreement cannot be agreed upon prior to going before a judge. We have nearly 40 years of experience dealing with family law and our success speaks for itself.

Family Law Services for Somerset County Families

Our top priority at Drescher & Cheslow is our Somerset County client’s best interests. We always encourage the parties to reach custody agreements, but if no agreement is made, we will fiercely fight for your rights as a parent in the court of law. Child custody clients of Drescher & Cheslow can be assured that they will be treated with diligence, compassion, and with knowledge of the law and the consequences unique to their cases. If you are in need of assistance in setting up a guardianship to protect a family member or loved one, we are also experts in Guardianship and Special Needs Law.

Family Law Attorney’s Serving Somerset County

Drescher & Cheslow is dedicated to working with our Somerset County clients to provide them with the best legal representation possible. Our team will fight to protect your assets and stability, child custody and visitation, and equitable distribution of property. If you live in or around Somerset County please contact us to discuss your case by filling out a contact form or by calling (732) 972-1600 today.


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