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  • Maybe You Don’t Want to Transfer the House to Your Kids…A Medicaid Mistake.

    Mom and dad are getting older. One day dad tells mom that they may need to move to a nursing home. Concerned that the state will take all of their money, he takes certain precautionary measures; dad executes a deed transferring the home to his trusted adult children. For the average middle income fa. . .

    8th January,2019

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  • 3 Tips for Parents or Caretakers of Vulnerable Adults

    1. Legal Guardianship of a vulnerable adult can only be granted once a person turns 18 years old and has a qualifying disability. Before 18, a person has not reached the statutory age of majority. After 18, only persons who are “incapacitated” are eligible to have a judicially-appointed guardian. . .

    8th January,2019

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  • Alternate Tax Strategies In Alimony Cases

    Since any alimony arrangement made after January 1, 2019, will not be deductible from the gross income of the spouse paying it nor includible in the gross income of the spouse receiving it, an alternate method of gaining a tax benefit to the paying spouse may be to have that spouse transfer 401(k) f. . .

    10th December,2018

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  • Year End (New Year) Resolutions

    Too often clients come to me when they have their backs against the wall faced with a difficult situation. Whether it is mom or dad, your husband or wife, or your best friend, people tend to not look to the horizon when it comes to long-term care planning. Spend a few hours of your time […]. . .

    16th November,2018

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  • Department of Veterans Affairs

    Over the last few days there has been a sea change in the world of veteran pension planning. The Department of Veterans Affairs published their updated proposed rules which will go into effect October 18th. I am bringing this to your attention because there is a unique opportunity for any clients th. . .

    21st September,2018

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  • Marital Settlement Agreements

    When Can Your Issues Be Settled? Matrimonial Settlements are very common in New Jersey. The vast majority of New Jersey divorce cases end up settling on or before the trial date assigned by the Court. In fact, it is always preferable for the parties to settle all or as many issues as they can prior . . .

    15th August,2018

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