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Family Law Office in Hudson County, NJ

Family Law Services for Hudson County Families

We understand at Drescher & Cheslow that a divorce is a difficult thing for any couple to go through and can be complicated when it comes to the laws surrounding it, especially if you have significant assets or property. So, for anyone living in and around Hudson County who is considering filing a divorce, we recommend that you seek professional counsel and divorce attorney.  The attorneys in our law firm have significant experience with a long track record of success guiding our clients through the divorce process.  We promise our clients that we will always act in their best interests and fight for your rights. In addition to family law, we also provide Elder Law services to help older generations during any transitional periods if their life.

Hudson County’s Top Child Custody and Child Support Lawyers

Our attorneys at Drescher & Cheslow understand that child custody cases for couples living in and around Hudson County is not only a challenging process, but also emotionally difficult for those involved. Because of this, our attorneys who are experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable on child custody laws also take a delicate approach to each case.  We always will encourage parents to reach custody agreements where possible but will settle it in the court of law making sure your parental rights are upheld.  In addition to child custody cases, our attorneys also work with clients who are looking to establish child support, increase child support amounts, or terminating existing child support. For those in assistance of setting up guardianship to protect a family member of loved one, we also are experts in the field of Guardianship and Special Needs Law.

Family Law Attorney Serving Hudson County

The team at Drescher & Cheslow understand that any family issues are sensitive but can be complicated when it comes to the law.  So, if you live in and around Hudson County and are looking for an experienced law firm, you can count on us. We have nearly 40 years as a firm with experience handling all types of divorce and family matter cases and issues. The promise we make to the clients we work with is that we will always strive for honesty and integrity, reverence and utmost devotion for the law, respecting the communities in which we work, and bravery when protecting and defending our clients from any injustices. We will work to protect your financial stability, child custody and visitation, and equitable distribution of any property. As our society becomes more sophisticated each year, divorce & family law has become increasingly complex. Since litigants in the family courts of New Jersey generally undergo an emotional upheaval, it is the family lawyer’s job to know the law, to understand and counsel clients on the consequences of various strategies, and to advise the client when it is best to settle and more preferable to litigate in the courts or before an arbitrator. If you live in or around Hudson County and would like to discuss your case, contact forms or call us at (732) 972-1600 today.


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