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estate planning

Are you looking for an experienced estate lawyer or need assistance in wealth planning?

Would you bet the monthly mortgage in a casino? Of course not. You are a responsible person and caretaker for your loved ones. Then why trust your estate planning & wealth planning advice to a Will kit or website that makes no promise to help you avoid complex legal pitfalls or litigation, and cannot substitute for the advice of an attorney? If you did, you may be risking your family’s financial security and your possessions for the ease, comfort, and savings of avoiding the attorney’s office.

Drafting your own Will often creates more problems than it solves. Probate may be made more difficult, post-mortem legal fees may be increased, so-called “death taxes” may be assessed or increased, and your beneficiaries may not be afforded options that could have been available to them, or worse yet, the State may decide to whom your assets will go upon your demise. If you are using a Will kit, you are likely getting a recycled mish-mash of material meant to satisfy the laws of all fifty states. However, the states are not uniform on what constitutes an acceptable document. It is possible that even one mistake on the face of the Will may cause the entire document to be invalidated.

At Drescher & Cheslow, P.A., our attorneys have been concentrating on professional and creative estate & wealth planning for 30+ years. We can help to advise you on sound estate and gift planning strategies to meet your financial goals and minimize you and your family’s tax exposures.

Call (732)-972-1600 today to speak to one of our skilled Wealth & Estate Planning Attorneys. Located in Manalapan (Monmouth County, NJ), Cranford (Union County, NJ) and Midtown Manhattan (New York, NY); Drescher & Cheslow represents clients throughout the State of New Jersey & New York including but not limited to Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Essex, Somerset, Morris, Hudson and Ocean counties.

Estate Planning Administration

Whether you have been appointed as the Executor of your loved one’s Estate, or in the event there is no Will as the Administrator, one of your responsibilities may be to file an estate or inheritance tax return. The type of “death tax” that must be paid can vary from state to state, and getting skilled professionals to assist you may be the smartest choice you make as the personal representative of an estate. That is when the services of an experienced law firm like Drescher & Cheslow can benefit you most.

The lawyers at Drescher & Cheslow have over 40 years of experience helping clients properly account for and file the necessary tax returns with the government. From day one, we will help you gather the information necessary to prepare these returns. That could be a routine process, such as the valuation of stocks and bonds and the residence of the Decedent, or a far more complex situation, such as valuing closely held business entities. In either situation, Drescher & Cheslow is there every step of the way to guide you through the process.

Year End (New Year) Resolutions

Too often clients come to me when they have their backs against the wall faced with a difficult situation. Whether it is mom or dad, your husband or wife, or your best friend, people tend to not look to the horizon when it comes to long-term care planning.
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