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Robert E. Goldstein, Esq. To Receive Prestigious Schoifet Award From The Middlesex County Bar Association

I am pleased to announce that I will be receiving the prestigious Schoifet Award from the Middlesex county bar Association on January 21, 2015.

The Schoifet Award, the highest honor presented by the Family Law Section, commemorates the legacy of Edward Schoifet who passed away in 2006. Ed was considered the dean of the Middlesex County Family Bar and was recognized as a role model for all family law practitioners.

The Award is presented annually to a Family Law Practitioner who has been engaged in the practice for 15 years or more and who exemplifies those principles by which Ed practiced family law: maintaining knowledge of past and present case law to advise clients thoroughly; analyzing the facts of each case in detail and diligently applying the law to those facts; presenting the issues and applicable law to the client in a manner appropriate to the client’s understanding; making purposeful efforts to settle the issues in fair and reasonable terms before resorting to litigation; fostering respect and courtesy for the bench and fellow attorneys; maintaining highest standards of integrity and professionalism; and exhibiting leadership in the Middlesex County or State Bar Association.

I also received the Pavlovsky Award in 2011 for his years of service to the Middlesex County Bar Association and in recognition of his promotion of collegiality and professionalism to his colleagues and the 2014 Professionalism Award from Middlesex County presented by the New Jersey Commission on Professionalism in the Law.

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