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Divorce and family law in Monmouth County NJ

Divorce & family law clients of Drescher & Cheslow can be assured that they will be treated with diligence, compassion and with knowledge of the law and the consequences unique to their cases. With over 35 years of experience, Drescher & Cheslow has handled all types of divorce & family law matters. These matters include; divorce, child support, alimony, equitable distribution of property, child custody and visitation, pension distribution, analyzing the tax consequences of proposed marital settlements, mediation and arbitration of matrimonial cases, domestic violence trials and enforcement of matrimonial settlement agreements, to name but a few. Anyone going through a divorce, marital separation or who has children with another to whom you are not married would benefit from the advice and guidance that an experienced divorce & family law, matrimonial, attorney can give.

Divorce & family law has become increasingly complex. Since litigants in the family courts of New Jersey generally undergo an emotional upheaval, it is the family lawyer’s job to know the law, to understand and counsel clients on the consequences of various strategies, and to advise the client when it is best to settle and more preferable to litigate in the courts or before an arbitrator. Many times one party in a divorce or family law dispute is in a more financially advantageous bargaining position than the other party. In those cases, the less advantaged client must obtain proper advice and counsel to protect that party and to level the playing field. It is always a goal to resolve family law disputes in as amicable a manner as is possible. We often counsel clients that family law mediation with a qualified family law attorney-mediator will be the most cost effective and fairest way to resolve a family law dispute. However, even when the parties desire to attend mediation to resolve their issues, it is always of benefit to both parties to retain separate counsel so that each can be comfortable that the mediation solutions being discussed are in the client’s best interests, as well as the best interests of their children, where children are concerned.

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