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Collaboratively Trained Team

The Value Of The Collaboratively Trained Team Monmouth County

Family law attorney Anna–Maria Pittella and Dr. William Frankenstein, Ph.D., an independent, licensed psychologist, discuss the value of the collaboratively trained team within the collaborative divorce process.


  • The promise of collaborative process.
  • How collaborative process shifts the parties in their expectations.
  • The importance of the Participation Agreement.
  • The value of this process to parties dealing with varying levels of emotion in divorce.
  • How the interaction of the collaborative team effects the parties as well as the professionals.
  • How the role of a divorce coach helps couples learn how to more effectively communicate.
  • The difference between the role of the divorce coach and the attorney.
  • Where value is added from the traditional litigation process.
  • Why couples who have gone through the collaborative process are more likely to resolve future differences as well amicably and without court.

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